The AIS/ICIS Genealogy Project

As part of ICIS 2019 and the AIS 25th Anniversary, we are excited to announce an interactive family tree of members of the information systems field. This family tree will show how we are connected through our dissertation committees. You will be able to see your academic grandparents and grandchildren, academic aunts, and uncles, and academic cousins. It will enable members to view the web of connections in our field.

The Genealogy project will be debuted at ICIS 2019 in Munich. To make this possible, we need input from all PhD graduates. Please take 3 minutes to complete the form listing your Doctoral Chair name as well as the names and emails of your committee members. We will email each person you list to ask their permission to be included. Participation is voluntary.

Celebrate our 25th anniversary by helping us build a genealogy of our field. Complete the form here.