Experience Munich and Support the ICIS TUM/Bentley Travel Grant Program

ICIS 2019 is excited to announce the first of its kind TUM/Bentley Travel Grant Program. This program is intended to help both doctoral and academic members travel to ICIS 2019 in Munich!

Through a unique silent auction called Munich Experience, ICIS 2019 attendees can bid on exclusive events to experience Munich—events that go beyond typical sightseeing activities. These events cover three categories: Industry & Tech, Culture & Sport, and Startups.

Surplus that is generated from MUCx will be used to fund travel grants for doctoral and academic members through the ICIS TUM/Bentley Travel Grant Program.

Visit https://icis2019.aisconferences.org/mucx/ to learn more. More events will be added to the current offering, so check back often!