NEW! Childcare Option at ICIS 2019

Childcare Option at ICIS 2019 – To ensure a more inclusive and family-friendly conference, TUM and Bentley are supporting up to 10 parents by offering special rates for childcare during the three days of the conference from 16.12 – 18.12.2019. Our partner pme Familienservice can provide you with a flexible back-office in Munich downtown, Burgstraße 6 (see the flyer for more information). Opening hours are from 07:00 am to 08:00 pm, and children are allowed to stay with the childcare provider for a maximum of 10 hours per day. The accepted ages are between 0 to 12 years. The special conference rates per day, per child will be 95€ for the first ten applicants, which constitutes a discount of 50%. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form and send it to The application deadline is November 28th, and all applicants need to be registered and attend the conference.

Childcare Facility Location

Location Information:

  • 18 minutes from the ICM by Uber or Taxi
  • 30 minutes the ICM by public transportation.  The closest metro station to the childcare location is Marienplatz, which is also the central metro station in Munich.
DISCLAIMER: This option is provided solely as information for the convenience of ICIS 2019 attendees and is based on information made publicly available online. AIS/ICIS does not endorse or recommend any specific childcare provider or Individual person, including any listed herein. AIS/ICIS has not conducted any inspection of childcare provider listed and does not guarantee nor warranty, either express or implied, the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of the childcare provider or information associated therewith. AIS/ICIS expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any current or future problems that may arise with regard to childcare. All ICIS 2019 conference attendees are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating a childcare provider. AIS/ICIS cannot be held liable and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage(s) arising from the childcare provider.