Take part in our exclusive MUCx – Munich Experiences program and support the AIS community!

What is MUCx?

MUCx offers ICIS participants a series of exclusive events to experience Munich—events that go beyond typical sightseeing activities. These events cover three categories: Industry & Tech, Culture & Sport, and Startups.

Examples of MUCx events:

  • Industry & Tech: Visit leading manufacturers and discuss their digitization challenges with high-level executives
  • Culture & Sport: Visit an opera production in one of Europe’s leading operas and discuss the production with a dramatic advisor
  • Startups: Visit the vibrant startup scene in Munich and get to know innovative founders from leading

ICIS participants will be able to buy tickets for MUCx events through a silent auction starting in late September. We will set aside a limited amount of tickets for PhD students at discounted rates.

How does MUCx support the AIS community?

Any surplus that generated from MUCx will be used to fund travel grants for PhD students and young scholars from developing countries through the ICIS 2019 Travel Grant Program.

—- Stay tuned for news on the MUCx program —-