Travel Information

Welcome! We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich!

At ICIS 2019 you will have the opportunity to meet like minded professionals from across the world and exchange information and insights, discuss research opportunities and learn about the research of others.

Event Basics

Here are a few details you may want to know prior to registering for the conference or before coming to Munich.

  • Venue

    The conference will be held at the ICM in Munich, Germany. Surrounding hotels have been reserved for the conference.  Click here for more information on hotels.

  • Language

    Sessions at the event are conducted in English.

  • Weather

    In December, Munich has average highs of 37°F (3°C) and average lows of 27°F (-3°C). Prior to traveling for the conference, you may wish to check the 10-day weather forecast in Munich.

  • Travel Discounts & Hotel Accomodations

    You will need to book a hotel room with the Novotel Munchen Messe, H4 Hotel Munchen Messe, H2 Munchen Messe, and Motel One Munchen Messe. A negotiated rate has been established for the conference. To book a room with the AIS room rate click here (link coming soon).

  • Munich Highlights

    Munich, German München, city, is the capital of Bavaria Land (state), southern Germany. It is Bavaria’s largest city and the third largest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). Munich, by far the largest city in southern Germany, lies about 30 miles (50 km) north of the edge of the Alps and along the Isar River, which flows through the middle of the city. It is home to three universities and 1.5 million inhabitants. It is also a city with a notable zest for life, a tradition of hospitality, and a cosmopolitan outlook. 

    Getting around is easy, whether walking, taking public transportation, or hailing a cab.

    Tourist Attractions

    Getting Around in Munich

  • Exchange Rate

    Help plan your trip by checking the current exchange rate of your currency to Euros.

    While major supermarket chains and shopping outlets are likely to accept your credit card, most restaurants and stores in Munich will only accept cash or EC-cards (which are like debit cards). Make sure you have enough euros with you for everyday usage.

  • Time

    Munich is in the Central European Time Zone.

  • Electricity

    Germany uses 230V, 50 Hz (Type F)

  • Telephone

    • Germany’s country code: 0049
      LOCAL area codes: 0089
      To call a local number within your own area, dial the number only.
    • To call to another area, dial the respective area code first. When calling from within Germany, you have to dial “0” followed by the area code (i.e. 089 for Munich). Area codes and phone numbers in Germany are variable length: the bigger the city, the shorter the area code, so that 089 is Munich, but 07252 will be a smaller town. A list of area calls can be found in any phone directory.
    • To call from abroad to a number in Germany, dial your international access number (usually 00), followed by the country code of Germany and then the area code without the 0 (i.e. 0049-89 for Munich)
    • To call abroad, dial 00 before the country code.
  • Internet Access

    Most hotels offer high-speed Internet connections either in the room or on public areas within the hotel. Some access requires a fee. Ask the hotel staff if you are unsure.

  • Emergencies

    Emergency call/Police Phone and Fax 110
    Emergency call/Police via SMS +49 (0) 89 / 19 294
    Doctor on call/Ambulance service/Fire department 112
    Medical emergency service 116 117
    Emergency poison number +49 (0) 89 / 19 240
    Pharmacy emergency service, +49 (0) 89 / 59 44 75
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

    Depending on the product you buy the VAT can be either 7% or 19% and it is always included in the price you see. If you are from outside the EU you can claim a tax refund upon your return home.

Cultural Nuances

If you are not familiar with the German culture you may want to become familiar with them prior to traveling.

  • Attire

    Attire at ICIS2019 Conference is business casual. Since meeting room temperatures and personal comfort ranges may vary, a light sweater or jacket is recommended.

  • Etiquette

    Become familiar with German etiquette in private, public, and business interactions here.


To help you with your travel arrangements, below are links to important information regarding visa invitation letters, visas, and other resources.

  • Visas

    Visa and Travel information coming soon.