Mid-Career Workshop

Building an ecosystem for productivity and impact

A workshop for mid-career faculty, by mid-career faculty!

Mid-career Associate Professors should be hitting a stride.  However, without the pressure of an up-or-out tenure decision it can be challenging for mid-career Associate Professors to “find a fit” as one moves forward in their career.  As one article in the Chronicle of Higher Education states, as the traditional roles of the Associate Professor are changing, “the burden is placed on us as individuals to create our own narratives, our own scripts” and to define how we move forward (McLemee, 2002).

This workshop is appropriate for any faculty member that has received tenure and/or promotion to Associate Professor.  Individuals at all stages of associate professor may find this workshop useful, from newly tenured faculty members to those that have settled into their role as an associate professor.  Those that have attended other mid-career workshops are welcome to come, participate, share, and learn from other associate professors.

Registration Information

To allow for maximum participation among the participants, there is a limit of XX participants.  If you would like to attend, simply select this workshop when you register for ICIS 2019.

About the Wokshop

  • Theme

    “Building an ecosystem for productivity and impact”

    Consistent with the theme of the conference, the theme for the workshop supports the notion that scholars need to build a network of relationships and resources to support their personal agenda, whether their desired role is administrative, scholarly, pedagogical, entrepreneurial, or a combination.

  • Panelists

    Jason Thatcher, University of Alabama
    Alan Dennis, Indiana University
    Ritu Agarwal, University of Maryland
    Patrick Chau, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
    Christina Soh, Nanyang Technological University


9:00-9:30                  Welcome and Introduction

9:30-10:30                Panel 1: Building An Ecosystem For Academic Impact And Productivity

In the first panel, we will hold a discussion of the various “internal” and “external” roles available post tenure, including their definition, benefits/disadvantages, etc. Examples of such roles include Department Chair, Associate Dean, Dean, Research Center Director, Provost, etc. Panelists will offer brief presentations to discuss their current and previous roles across their career paths.

Lead Panelists: Jason Thatcher, Christina Soh, Patrick Chau

10:30-10:45             Coffee break

10:45-11:45             Panel 2: Building An Ecosystem For Impact Beyond Academia

In the second panel, we focus on discussing impact beyond academia. Panelists will share experiences about shaping interdisciplinary research and innovation for working on broader challenges, about engaging business and society, as well as about entrepreneurial activity.

Lead Panelists: Ritu Agarwal, Alan Dennis

Across both panels, the panelists are asked to help participants establish a plan of action for the next few years, post-tenure. The focus will be upon establishing a plan for achieving the roles participants hope to attain in their career, identifying the relationships and resources needed to accomplish these goals, and more. Additional potential aspects to discuss will include further promotions (i.e. to Full Professor), changing universities, and more.