Call for Submission: TREO Talks at ICIS 2019 in Munich

Please consider submitting a TREO Talk at ICIS 2019! TREO (Technology, Research, Education, and Opinion) provide speakers and the audience to present research ideas, education innovations, exciting tools & data, or opinions related to any area of information systems, the information systems research community, or information technology.

The goal of TREO Talks is to provide a forum for “academics unfiltered”.

TREO Talk submissions will be one (1) page abstracts that will be editorially reviewed to ensure that they are related to IS and appropriate in nature. A template for TREO Talk submissions is available on the ICIS 2019 website. Accepted TREO Talks abstracts will be presented at a TREO Talk session. TREO Talks (including any material that the presenter would like to share) will be published as a GitHub repository. This will allow engagement with the material beyond the presentation at the conference.

Topics that might be appropriate for a TREO Talk session:

  • A research idea that you are contemplating, but have not started yet
  • A research idea that you are developing and would like feedback on
  • A research idea that you would like to invite collaborators to join you
  • A cutting edge research topic that you would like feedback on
  • A teaching tip for an IS/IT class
  • An innovative teaching idea for an IS/IT class
  • An idea regarding a new or innovative class for an IS/IT curriculum
  • Innovative things that you are doing in your IS/IT class
  • An opinion on an issue facing the IS field (e.g., journals, promotion), or any aspect of IS/IT
  • A new tool or dataset that you want to share with the IS community

August 15, 2019: Submission system opens for TREO Talk submissions
October 15, 2019: Submission deadline for the TREO Talks submissions
October 21, 2018: Authors are notified of TREO Talks submission decision
December 9, 2019: Slides due